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Come for the snacks, stay for the community

If you are a middle or high school student, then you belong in St. Peter Youth Group. We are a community of 6th-12th graders and adult core team members who seek to learn, to serve, and to grow in faith and in relationship with Jesus Christ and one another. We do this through a mix of social events, service, fundraising, catechesis, and large group retreats and conferences.

For our high schoolers we typically offer a weekend retreat, the diocesan Catholic Youth Celebration in March, and the Steubenville Northwest Conference in July. Middle schoolers have the opportunity to attend Catholic Middle School Camp in August. Both MS and HS are a part of pancake breakfasts, Cheeseballs in February, Laser Tag All-Nighter, and weekly smaller meetings and outings. 

We strive within Spokane to share resources between parishes and youth groups. As such, St. Peter Youth Group is home to youth from many parishes including St. Peter, St. Augustine, and the Cathedral of Our Lady of Lourdes. We also participate in many inter-youth group events, including one-time events such as the kickball tournament as well as regular events such as monthly XLT nights. This spirit of collaboration allows us to join together with a wider community of youth and adults from the Northside, Spokane Valley, and other areas in and around Spokane, celebrating our shared faith & mission and good company.

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Director of Youth Ministry

Michelle heads up both Youth Ministry and SacPrep at St. Peter.

In addition, she teaches high school math & science, coaches volleyball, and leads Campus Ministry at the Chesterton Academy of Notre Dame.

When she's not working either of her 1-1/2 jobs, she likes to read, do crossword puzzles, and have long conversations about things that matter. She loves the Green Bay Packers, Atlanta Braves, Detroit Red Wings, and Michigan Wolverines.

At St. Peter, Michelle can often be found barefoot in the Chapel, pledging to finally clean her office (for real this time!), or hiding in the Youth Room to actually get some work done.

Her dog Gretzky - an impossibly cute and sweet, big,

furry mutt - often accompanies her and sheds all over the aforementioned messy office. 

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Pastor of St. Peter Parish


Core Team Member

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